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Fifty Years of Family

Times change, but our mission never will.

In August 1971, Headley Construction opened its doors in Newnan, Georgia.

Located in historic downtown near the Newnan Lofts, Arnall Grocery and giant Train Depot, Bill Headley founded our company with a passionate belief that general contractors could build a better world, transforming the way communities improve their neighborhoods, and care for one another.

Five decades later, that passionate spark has created thousands of construction jobs, millions in community improvements, and countless new connections between amazing people and organizations across Georgia.

Headley Construction's 50-year legacy of building better everything can be found in some surprising, life-changing spaces. We’ve been deeply involved in improving the lives of Georgians by building and renovating local schools, healthcare facilities, government buildings, fire stations, churches, restaurants, movie theatres, and historic structures.

Build Better is more than just our mission. It’s our mindset. It’s not just about the buildings. It’s about building a better world over time. We have the opportunity to work with our clients, employees, architects, owners, partners, our neighbors, our friends, with people like you, to build better communities in big and small ways.

As we began our fiftieth year in business, we started reflecting on how to celebrate the Headley legacy and the question was asked: What is it that Headley Construction stands for? Where do we fit into the construction world today?

What’s next for us?

What we are about isn’t building incredible buildings, although we do that very well. But Headley Construction is about more than that.

Headley at the core - our core value is that we believe passionate people can build better. We can always get up each day ready to build a better world. That’s what we believe. That’s what we come to work every day prepared to do.

We have always believed that in our local community, in the construction community, and in all communities across Georgia, passionate people can - and must - look forward, join together, and build better for the next generation.

Follow along as we celebrate Headley Construction's 50th year! We'll be looking back through our archives at old projects, and talking with current employees about what's new in 2020 and beyond.

Don't forget to help us celebrate by sharing your favorite Headley stories, buildings, and memories on social media using #headley50!


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