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Sagestone Presents Their Case for Caldwell Redevelopment

Our President, Mitch Headley, is proud to be part of the Sagestone master development team hoping to redevelop the Caldwell Tank site on East Broad Street.

Joined by local Newnan residents and innovators, Randy Beavers and Bill Millen, Mitch recently presented the case for why Sagestone is the best possible partner for Newnan's residents during two community input sessions this week.

The sessions were designed as a Q&A opportunity for all interested neighbors, including those who couldn’t attend the formal presentations to City Council.

Sagestone has executed $1.7B in various projects as a team, and includes Choate Construction Company (the largest GC in the Southeast and successful partner on many local municipal projects.)

The Sagestone team is currently evaluating several different ideas for the Caldwell Tanks site, ranging from the originally proposed site plan from NELSON Worldwide to boutique hotel suggested by neighboring property owners to new approaches both with and without apartments.

The Sagestone team explained their main goals as a master developer:

  1. Prioritizing community input & impact

  2. Making sure the project is economically viable & vibrant

  3. Taking time to design & build

The partners want to redevelop the Caldwell site in a way that benefits local neighborhoods, existing Main Street Newnan businesses, and Explore Newnan-Coweta visitors for decades to come.

At Monday's community engagement session, sustainable developer Bill Millen explained that he wanted his future grandkids to be as proud of the new buildings as the legacy families of today are about the Caldwell site's rich history.

During the working meeting earlier this month, Randy Beavers agreed with Mayor Keith Brady that this is an exciting project for the city of #Newnan.

“We are local. We live here. It really means something to us to have the opportunity to partner with the city. Our team has assembled because we share the belief that through this partnership there’s an opportunity to continue to lead and to do our part to write the next chapter of Downtown Newnan.”

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Click to download and review Sagestone's formal presentation:

Sagestone Presentation
Download PDF • 6.98MB


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