Cynthia Jenkins Planning For The Future Of Newnan

Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tempore Cynthia Jenkins is working to revitalize her community in Newnan, Georgia.

Janet Flanigan for West Georgia Woman Magazine:

As CEO of Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity, a Newnan City Councilwoman and Newnan’s Mayor Pro Tempore, Cynthia Jenkins puts her early learned organizational skills to good use on a daily basis. "My very first job was through a work-study program at East Coweta High School. I was hired by Mr. Bill Headley with Headley Construction in a drafting position," she says. "I was paid minimum wage but earned such great experience."

East Coweta is Cynthia’s alma mater — she graduated in 1993. The school a offered advanced classes in architecture and mechanical design, and during her second semester of her junior year, Cynthia fell in love with that course of study. She began focusing her efforts on the mechanical drafting and architecture classes that she loved.

“My very first job was through a work-study program at East Coweta High School. I was hired by Headley Construction in a drafting position,” she says. “Mr. Headley was just so supportive.”

“I had always wanted to go to Georgia Tech, and made plans to go there. In fact, Mr. Headley took me on my only other college tour to Auburn. He took me, along with his youngest son, Luke, and another student, Drew Cronic. Mr. Headley showed faith in both of us."

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